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Determined, focused and diligent. I experienced work and life in different countries, volunteered in New York hospitals, lawyer office jobs and clean up River projects in WIsconsin. more...

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I've published 3 articles that have been viewed 2,489 times. I've received +41 recommendations as an expert for my writing. I've answered 10 questions and received +2 positive votes.
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Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright's birthday is a big event in the architectural world. The World most Famous Architect is remembered in this occasion for his life and work.
Published by Carolina Dursina 55 months ago in Architecture | +17 votes | 11 comments
These tips on how to prepare your home for sale and showings takes some work; focus on some areas that are important in the selling process. The exterior is as important as the interior, so is those small spaces, closets, garage, storage areas. Make sure there is no clutter anywhere.
Published by Carolina Dursina 55 months ago in Home Selling | +13 votes | 11 comments
Using less gasoline is everyone's interest. Manufacturers work on fuel efficient cars. Beyond trading in your car for something smaller or more efficient, you can alway buy hybrid.
Published by Carolina Dursina 56 months ago in Gas & Mileage | +12 votes | 14 comments